Mark S:

I just wanted to say delivery was perfect it arrived this morning in time for my wife's birthday. She is totally in love with the ring and that makes me happy :) Thank you so much once again for your services xxx


(9ct Gold rope ring with breastmilk, wedding dress fabric and 671 Interference blue)


Katie C:

My ring from @rejewelled arrived. This ring contains my very own breastmilk and some other cool shiz thrown in. Now, I’ve had a few funny looks when I’ve told people I’m getting a breastmilk ring. Let me tell you why I wanted it. This is not about me championing breastfeeding, this is not about gratitude to have been able to (albeit with many, many difficulties), this isn’t even about my breastfeeding ‘journey’ (cringe)...I breastfed Ollie exclusively for 4 months and combi-fed until giving up the ghost at 8 months when he developed a strong bottle preference. During this whole time, my husband was deployed, I was dealing with a spirited toddler and a newborn with horrific colic, (which lasted until he was 8 months old 😒) I was between countries and trying to navigate life as a single mum to two with little to no sleep, ever (not exaggerating). It was one of the longest and most trying times of my life. But I pushed through and made it out the other side a much better person and definitely a better mum. This ring is my visual reminder of my toughest time, and my survival of it. Not to be over dramatic. A gift to me, from me. I have many failings and character flaws but I know that when it comes to my little people, I will do anything and everything to ensure their wellbeing and happiness. I am their badass mama bear. And I’m really proud of myself. I’ll try to remind myself of this on the shit days, of which there are many. But for now...look how pretty 

(1cm stacking ring with breastmilk, shimmer and opal glitter flakes)


Leanne P:

My beautiful ring arrived this morning and I'm so pleased with it... Even though some people think the idea of a breastmilk ring is really weird, I think it's unique and amazing! 
I love it, and after a crazy week, its really made my day, and I will be wearing it on my wedding day in 4 months time.
Would definitely recommend Tracy at rejewelled to anyone.
Thankyou so much xx 💖

(Celtic Heart ring with breastmilk, shimmer and opal glitter flakes)


Liz S:

I am so happy with my pendant that Tracy made me with my dads ashes it is so lovely and I can’t thank you enough 😍😍😍😍

(Teardrop Eternity Pendant with cremation ashes, lilac shimmer and lilac opal glitter flakes)


Lucy F:

Picked this beauty up today from the post office, I couldn't wait any longer to see it so opened it in the car outside. 
My son was equally excited as he knew that it was my ring to celebrate him and my daughter with the glitter signifying their birthstones and a bit of breastmilk in too.

(5mm stacking ring with breastmilk and garnet and citrine coloured glitters)


Louise C:

My beautiful charm and necklace arrived today - I'm so completely in love with both!! A reminder of an amazing breastfeeding journey that had its struggles!! These are made with milk from when I went dairy and soya free. So happy with them!!! Thank you so much rejewelled!!!! Xx

(1.6cm globe with breastmilk, lilac shimmer and purple glitter. Charm bead with breastmilk, shimmer and opal glitter flakes)


Rhiannon E:

Well I can honestly (say) it was definitely worth the wait! It has arrived just in time for our golden boob award tomorrow and I absolutely love it thank you!!

(1.6cm globe with breastmilk, shimmer and gold leaf)

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