Hi! I’m Tracy, the Artist behind Rejewelled.

I live in beautiful Cheddar, Somerset with my young family. We live a stone’s throw from the famous Cheddar Gorge, with the beautiful Mendip hills right on our doorstep.

For ten years I was a Secondary School Art Teacher and I absolutely loved it, but after having my daughter in Spring 2012 I realised that needed a change of pace and needed to find something that I could release my creativity on.

I became friends with a very talented jeweller at a post-natal group in 2012 and we soon started discussing my love of jewellery and resin work and her silversmithing skills – and from that Rejewelled was born! In the early days we created jewellery using vintage and recycled materials, but I soon started exploring breastmilk jewellery after developing a love of breastfeeding. At this point I became the sole creator at Rejewelled when my friend left to explore other ventures. I spent the next three years experimenting, testing, and perfecting my technique before formally launching breastmilk jewellery as part of our permanent collection in early 2015.

When I started creating breastmilk jewellery there was only a handful of us around the world in the industry. Since then the industry has grown but there is still only a small number of breastmilk jewellers out there and it’s such a privilege to be part of this exclusive group of Keepsake Artists. I started out working at home from my dining table, but we soon had to convert our conservatory into my studio as my orders grew! In January 2018 I look the leap and moved the studio out of our family home. In February 2019 I moved my studio back to Cheddar at the bottom of Cheddar Gorge (dangerously close to the ice cream parlours!)

I love my work and am truly grateful for the trust that my customers put in me when they order their precious keepsakes. I put so much love and pride into every piece of jewellery that I create – and I understand just how truly precious these pieces are. I currently regularly produce Keepsakes from breastmilk, hair, ashes, fur, and more – so do please ask if you are after something you haven’t seen.  If it is precious enough for you to want a keepsake created with it, then that is all that matters and I will put my heart and soul into creating the perfect Keepsake for you.

Please message me for more information and either I or a member of my small and skilled admin team will answer you as quickly as we can.



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