Customising Your Keepsake

When we say that we have every colour, we mean it. We don't have an exact colour chart as there are literally so many colours that we offer. Instead, we invite you to find a photo of the colour you want, or send us a description so that we can recreate it for you.

Pantone have a fantastic colour tool that you can use to find a colour that you like. Please note however that colours may appear differently on different screens. You can have a look at the Pantone Find A Colour tool here.

In terms of glitters and shimmers, as you can see, we have them all! This isn't an exhaustive list and we're constantly adding to our collection (yes, we're glitter addicts!).

Below we explain what the different options are:


Glitter is exactly what it says - fine glitter that can be mixed through your milk, or in any keepsake without milk, to create a sparkly effect. Glitter can be as bold or as subtle as you like and we have practically every colour of the rainbow!

Not sure which colour you would like? We also have iridescent glitter!

Please be aware glitter tends to settle to the bottom of certain pieces.

We also have the bigger glitter flakes available if you prefer. Our Opal glitter flakes are an incredibly popular option which gives a faux opal effect.

This image here shows a TINY selection of the glitter colours that we offer. Please let us know the colour you'd like so that we can match it for you.



Shimmer adds an extra sheen/gloss effect - it's not sparkly as such.

Our natural shimmer is natural in colour so it shouldn't change the colour of your milk. (However coloured shimmer can also be used if you prefer to change the colour of your milk.) Shimmer can be added to any keepsake, with or without breastmilk.

This is the colour chart of our shimmery pigments, please be aware that colours may vary depending on your monitor. The 'glow' shimmers look like our natural shimmer but when the light hits them they shimmer with the colour named.


We can add any colour to our resin pieces; you can choose whether you would like the colour to be subtle or bold and opaque. Please sent us a Pantone colour code so that we can match it.

Precious Metal Leaf

We use genuine precious metal leaf in our pieces. Fine silver, 24 carat gold and copper leaf are available. Leaf can be subtle or can be bold. 

Genuine Diamond Dust

Our diamond dust is made from real crushed diamonds. In resin it looks slightly shimmery and it gives milk a silvery tone with tiny flecks.


Hair can be added to the majority of our keepsakes (see individual listings) and it can usually be added either as a single stripe or in a random placement. We request a cutting at least 3cms long and at least 30 strands wide per sample - if you wish to use 2 different samples (i.e. from 2 children) then we will need this for each sample please. It is often possible to work with less if needed, however please discuss this with us before ordering, thank you.

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