Care Instructions for your Jewellery

Care Instructions/ Important Information 

  • Please remember to treat your DNA Keepsake Jewellery with care, like you would treat your grandmothers pearls!
  • Applying pressure, dropping, pulling or knocking it can cause damage to the resin or cause the jewel to come away from the silver/gold fittings.
  • Resin naturally yellows over time, it is the nature of the substance and the chance of this happening increases with UV exposure, or exposure to water or chemicals. Therefore you are advised not to use sun beds or sunbathe whilst wearing your jewellery. We also advise against swimming, showering or submerging the jewellery in water as well as allowing perfumes, cosmetics, soap, hand sanitisers or lotions to come into contact with it.
  • All pieces are handmade. Micro air bubbles may appear in the resin jewel; this is normal and proves that it is handmade and not a mass produced piece of jewellery. The resin is hand finished and so there may be slight marks or irregularities - this is just another sign that you have a quality handmade item rather than something that is mass produced.
  • The silver/gold on your jewellery can be cleaned using a silver cleaning cloth - do not use any substances to clean it as this can damage the resin jewel.
  • Breastmilk Jewellery: Your piece is made using your own breastmilk -each woman's milk is different and so the colour of your piece depends on your milk. The colour of your sample doesn't necessarily mean that your jewellery will be the same colour though as sometimes chemical reactions occur when the milk is preserved and so the colour may differ slightly.
  • DNA Keepsake Jewellery: Only your own inclusions are used in your jewellery. Hair and fabric will darken when put into resin (similar to how it looks when wet) and ashes can add a grey tinge to the resin where the finer particles mix in.
  • If your resin jewel becomes cloudy or it has been scratched, you can purchase specialist resin polishing materials online. We also offer a repair service for a small fee.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any damage occurred while using any cleaning/polishing product, even those recommended by us. Please contact us if you have any concerns and we will do our best to advise you.


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