COVID-19 UPDATE: We are self isolating, so unfortunately there will be some delays in posting orders as we cannot go to the Post Office ourselves. We will be working from home during this time . Please DO NOT send inclusions to us during the pandemic but await instructions via our social media - this is to ensure that there is no risk to our staff when handling bodily fluids/hair etc. You may still place orders during this time, but due to restrictions during the pandemic we will not start work on them until after we are out of isolation. Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Sending Your Inclusions


During the Coronavirus pandemic we are asking that customers do not send their inclusions but instead wait until after we're out of isolation. This is to protect our staff from possible contamination.

Please only send inclusions once you have placed your order. Please include a note with any additional information you did not supply during the checkout process. Ensure your name, contact details and order number are included in the parcel.



A maximum of 15ml is needed although we can work with less if necessary, please contact us prior to ordering if you wish to supply a smaller amount. 

The milk can be previously frozen, although please ensure that it's fully defrosted before posting.

Please send no more than the requested amount - too much can result in leaks.

Send the milk in a breastmilk storage bag labelled with your full name and order number. Place this inside a second breastmilk bag and expel air.

Wrap bags in 2-3 sheets kitchen towel (enough to absorb milk if the bags burst or leak).

Place in a padded jiffy bag envelope.

Send via Royal Mail large letter/ small parcel to address below


A cutting of clean hair should be tied loosely with thread and placed inside a tissue and then inside an envelope labelled with your name. Put this inside another envelope and send to address below. Please do not sellotape. Approx 2-3cm long and 3mm thick will give best results but please send what you have.

If you are having multiple hair inclusions, please package each inlcusion separately.


A maximum of 1 teaspoon should be sealed in ziplock bag or similar. Placed in another bag then envelope and sent to the address below. Please label the bag with your name. If you are required to declare the contents at the Post Office please say 'item for jewellery making'. Any ashes not use will be returned to you with your jewellery.

Umbilical Cord

Umbilical cord should be thoroughly dry before posting. It can be sent in a plastic zip lock or breastmilk bag in a padded envelope along with any other inclusions. We will return any cord we don’t use, along with the clip, if still attached.


Placenta that has been encapsulated can be used for jewellery making. Please send 2-3 capsules to the address below. Place in ziplock bag or similar and label with your name.
Place in envelope and send to address below.


Our lead times depend on current volumes of orders, and we work on pieces in order of arrival, but some things are more complex to make, so will take longer.

Our approximate lead time is 14 - 16 weeks. If you need your item by a specific date, please contact us prior to ordering so that we can discuss your needs. Lead times can exceed the quoted approximate time. Upon placing your order you agree to our lead times and understand that they may be exceeded without notice.

Please do not send us the last of any inclusion or anything irreplaceable without first informing us.

You'll receive an email when your inclusions are received and when your order has been shipped. If there's any delays during the process, we'll do our best to let you know.

All inclusions, including breastmilk, can be sent to:

PO BOX 1246

BS27 9AT

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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