COVID-19 UPDATE: We are self isolating, so unfortunately there will be some delays in posting orders as we cannot go to the Post Office ourselves. We will be working from home during this time . Please DO NOT send inclusions to us during the pandemic but await instructions via our social media - this is to ensure that there is no risk to our staff when handling bodily fluids/hair etc. You may still place orders during this time, but due to restrictions during the pandemic we will not start work on them until after we are out of isolation. Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Open Heart Pendant


For those of you who like something a little more modern, for those of you who like compliments about their jewellery; this pendant is for you!

The elegant lines of this Open Heart Pendant lead eyes to the beautiful bezel inside. Your precious memories are kept lovingly close in this elegant and timeless Sterling Silver heart.

As the Open Heart Pendant has a small bezel it is therefore not suitable for a hair inclusion, however it is suitable for any other single inclusion and it is priced accordingly for one inclusion only (breastmilk, ashes, umbilical cord, fabric, or dried flowers).

All of our jewellery is made using jewellery grade resin, this is a fantastic material that allows us to capture any inclusion inside (inclusions are the bits that you want to add; breastmilk/ashes/hair/flowers/fabric/umbilical cord etc.) Resin is very resilient and doesn't shatter when dropped and can be moulded into a huge variety of shapes. We provide care instructions with our jewellery to help you to ensure that you keep your jewellery in top condition!

The bezels are 925 Sterling Silver and you can add your choice of colour (for breastmilk pieces), glitter, glitter flakes or natural shimmer. Please see here for more details on how you can customise your keepsake.

As with all of our pendants, chains are available to purchase separately here.