COVID-19 UPDATE: We are self isolating, so unfortunately there will be some delays in posting orders as we cannot go to the Post Office ourselves. We will be working from home during this time . Please DO NOT send inclusions to us during the pandemic but await instructions via our social media - this is to ensure that there is no risk to our staff when handling bodily fluids/hair etc. You may still place orders during this time, but due to restrictions during the pandemic we will not start work on them until after we are out of isolation. Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Milk Drop Pendant


Hello lovely Mama! How ever you've landed here, whether it's to celebrate your breastfeeding journey, to mark the end of one, to celebrate how hard you worked to try to establish breastfeeding; we see you. As mothers we very often put everyone else first, so here is your permission to put yourself first and treat yourself to one of our little Milk Drop pendants.  hese pendants are dainty yet beautiful, like each precious drop of milk.

These pendants are sterling silver and measure just 8 x 4.5mm.

Due to their size, these pendants are only suitable for milk inclusions, although colour, shimmer, glitter and precious metal leaf can still be added.

We have a huge range colours, glitters, glitter flakes and shimmers available. Further details and colour charts can be found here.

Don't forget to add a chain to your order, we have a selection of sizes available here.

In your order confrimation email we will send full information about posting your inclusions to us. However, if you'd like to get organised early or if you'd like to know how to send in your inclusions, please see here.