Gold Filled 4mm Stacking Ring


Love the look of gold but don't love the price tag? Well we're here to help! How about one of our stunning gold filled stacking rings?

'Gold Filled' is exactly what it sounds like, it's gold, filled with another metal such a silver. It means that you have a much better quality ring than one that's plated, but with a much cheaper price point!

These rings are only available in limited sizes and cannot be resized. We do however offer custom made solid gold rings. Please contact us for further information about a custom order.

Can't decide which child/pet/memory to preserve in jewellery form? Why not buy several and stack them up?

Stacking rings are designed to be worn either alone or stacked, you can wear multiple rings on one finger, changing the order whenever you feel like it. These rings are designed to be worn together but not to sit flush, you can even stack them with other styles!

Our Sterling Silver Stacking Ring is one of our most customisable pieces. Please note, this listing is for ONE 4mm ring, to achieve the stacked look in the photos you will need to purchase multiple rings.

Hair inclusions are available in the 4mm size ring and can either be in a single stripe or in a random placement.

All of our jewellery is made using jewellery grade resin, this is a fantastic material that allows us to capture any inclusion inside (inclusions are the bits that you want to add; breastmilk/ashes/hair/flowers/fabric/umbilical cord etc.) Resin is very resilient and doesn't shatter when dropped and can be moulded into a huge variety of shapes. We provide care instructions with our jewellery to help you to ensure that you keep your jewellery in top condition!

We have a huge range colours, glitters, glitter flakes and shimmers available. Further details and colour charts can be found here.

In your order confirmation email we will send full information about posting your inclusions to us. However, if you'd like to get organised early or if you'd like to know how to send in your inclusions, please see here.