Chunky Silver Rope Ring


This is the big sister of our Rope Ring. This style ring gets its name from the rope like bezel around the outside of the jewel. We like giving our designs literal names. We're clever like that.

Our Chunky sterling silver Rope Ring is available in UK sizes J-R. The jewel measures 14mm x 10mm.

In these photos the ring has Emerald green tint added to the milk plus green Opal glitter flakes and green glitter.

These rings are suitable for any inclusion and can hold more than one inclusion if you so wish.

All of our jewellery is made using jewellery grade resin, this is a fantastic material that allows us to capture any inclusion inside (inclusions are the bits that you want to add; breastmilk/ashes/hair/flowers/fabric/umbilical cord etc.) Resin is very resilient and doesn't shatter when dropped and can be moulded into a huge variety of shapes. We provide care instructions with our jewellery to help you to ensure that you keep your jewellery in top condition!

If you'd like a Rainbow Design adding to your jewellery, please follow this link and add the Add-on to your basket. You can find it here.

The bezels are 925 Sterling Silver and you can add your choice of colour (for breastmilk pieces), glitter, glitter flakes or natural shimmer. Please see here for more details on how you can customise your keepsake.